What is Periodontal Scaling: Procedure, Benefits & Aftercare Tips

What is Periodontal Scaling: Procedure, Benefits & Aftercare Tips

March 1, 2023

Do you find dental experts obnoxious when they talk about proper oral hygiene at every dental appointment? Unfortunately, many people do, even when it is meant to benefit their oral health. Good oral hygiene is the foundation of excellent oral health. No matter how many dental procedures you undergo, you can compromise their success by neglecting your oral hygiene. It may be why you need deep cleaning services like periodontal scaling.

What is Periodontal Scaling?

It is a procedure in dentistry performed during deep cleaning sessions. Scaling entails the process of removing tartar from the surfaces of the teeth. Tartar is a hard substance that forms when plaque hardens on teeth surfaces. If you neglect your oral hygiene long enough, it allows the food residues, saliva, and bacteria to combine and form a sticky substance called plaque. When plaque stays on teeth long enough, it solidifies and hardens into tartar. Removing tartar is a difficult process, best performed by our periodontal dentist in Irving, Texas.

What is the Step-By-Step Procedure for Getting Periodontal Scaling?

Here is the step-by-step process of getting periodontal scaling:

  • A comprehensive dental exam is the initial step when you visit our dentist in Irving, TX for any treatment.
  • The dentist must determine the suitability of scaling for your condition.
  • Next, the dentists may choose to numb your mouth before the scaling process. It will alleviate any discomfort and sensitivity during dental work.
  • The deep cleaning process begins when the dentist scrapes the plaque and tartar on the affected teeth’ surfaces.
  • The dentist will be keen to remove the deposits from the large pockets that may have formed near the gum line.

How Does Periodontal Scaling Help Your Smile?

Scaling is the only way to successfully remove all calculus or tartar from your teeth’ surfaces. The last thing you want is an overgrowth of calculus in your mouth for a prolonged period. Technically, calculus contains infection-causing bacteria that introduce various infections in your oral cavity. Scaling removes the tartar to lower the risk of infection. Further, our dentist at 75061 considers scaling as part of periodontal disease treatment. Some of the consequences of neglecting periodontal scaling are:

  1. Receding gums – occurs when gums pull away from your teeth.
  2. Persistent bad breath
  3. Weak, moving, and shaky teeth
  4. Bone and tissue loss
  5. Reddened and swollen gums
  6. Bleeding gums
  7. Advancing gum disease

What are the Benefits of Getting Periodontal Scaling?

To properly appreciate any dental procedure, you must evaluate its benefits to your oral health. Some of the benefits of getting periodontal scaling are:

  1. Prevents the spread and advancement of gum disease by eradicating bacteria responsible for periodontal infections
  2. Restores gum health
  3. Prevents tooth loss by reinstating stability and support
  4. Improves teeth color and general appearance by removing yellowed plaque and tartar
  5. Lowers the risks of dental decay and tooth cavities
  6. Improves breath by treating the underlying cause

What are the Aftercare Tips for Periodontal Scaling?

After your deep cleaning treatment, you cannot resume your initial poor oral habits. Besides, you must be more careful about your gum health since it will be sore immediately after treatment. Some tips after periodontal scaling are:

  1. Saltwater rinse – gargle salt water to remove loose debris and destroy bacteria in your mouth.
  2. Mind your tooth-brushing technique – do not be too aggressive as you can hurt your gums. It would help to choose a softer brush than the one you have.
  3. Watch what you eat – spicy and salty foods will exacerbate discomfort in your gums. Mind your diet until your gums have healed well.
  4. Use a water flosser – regular dental flossing will be uncomfortable immediately after treatment. Since you cannot skip flossing, switch to a water flosser to clean the areas between your teeth. If not, use wax-coated dental floss.
  5. Visit your dentist regularly – do not neglect or undervalue your dental appointments just because your mouth feels clean.

Get Periodontal Scaling Near You

Ultimately, periodontal scaling is an attempt to better your oral hygiene. Routine dental exams and cleanings and daily mouth cleaning habits at home can help you avoid tartar buildup and the need for deep cleaning treatments. Are you looking to get periodontal disease treatment at 75061? Call us now or book an appointment with Sterling Dental Center to get periodontal scaling in Irving, TX!

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