What are 3D Digital Dentures: Procedure, Cost & Advantages

What are 3D Digital Dentures: Procedure, Cost & Advantages

June 5, 2023

What are 3D Digital Dentures?

3D digital dentures are revolutionizing the world of dentistry. These innovative prosthetics are created using advanced digital technology, allowing for more accurate and efficient fabrication.

One of the biggest advantages of 3D digital dentures is their precision. Unlike traditional denture-making methods, which rely on physical molds and manual shaping, 3D printing ensures that every detail of the prosthetic is as it should be.

What is the Step-by-step Process for Getting 3D Digital Dentures?

Getting 3D digital dental dentures is an advanced and efficient way to replace missing teeth. Here’s a step-by-step procedure for obtaining them:

1) Consultation

The first step involves scheduling a consultation with our dentist in Irving, TX, 75061, who has experience designing and producing 3D digital dental dentures.

Next, using state-of-the-art technology, such as a digital scanner, your dentist will create a precise three-dimensional image of your mouth that captures all the necessary details required to design and produce customized 3D digital dental dentures that fit perfectly into your mouth.

2) Creation of Dentures

The design is sent to a laboratory where the actual 3D printing process occurs. This phase utilizes high-end equipment capable of printing highly detailed models from materials like resin or ceramic. After printing, the technician polishes the dentures before shipping them back to your dentist.

3) Fitting and Adjustment

After receiving your custom-fit 3D digital dental dentures near you, you’ll have a final fitting appointment with our dentist at 75061 to ensure they are properly aligned with your natural bite pattern. If any adjustments are needed, your dentist can easily make them immediately until you achieve maximum comfort while eating, speaking, or even smiling.

What is the Cost of Getting 3D Digital Dentures?

These dentures are just slightly more expensive than their traditionally-crafted equivalents. With the dentist’s expert work, patients can anticipate an expense ranging from $500 to $2,000 per arch. When considering the cost of getting 3D digital dentures, it’s also important to factor in any potential insurance coverage or financing options that may be available. Some dental insurance can cover at least a portion of the cost of 3D digital dentures. Some dental clinics offer financing plans to help make the procedure more affordable.

What are the Benefits of getting 3D Digital Dentures?

These dentures are created using advanced software that generates a 3D model of your mouth and teeth. Below are the prominent benefits of getting 3D digital dentures:

  • Better Fit: With traditional dentures, it can be challenging to get a perfect fit as they tend to slip or shift while eating or talking. However, with 3D digital dentures, the measurements taken by the dentist ensure that they fit correctly on your gums, leading to better stability and comfort.
  • Improved Speech: Due to their poor fit, traditional dentures can cause speech difficulties such as slurred speech, whistling sounds, and lisps. But with digital dentures, you will experience clearer articulation as they provide a secure base to support your lips, tongue, and cheeks.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Digital dentures offer superior aesthetics compared to conventional ones. The process ensures that the color and shape of the new teeth match your natural teeth closely.
  • Faster Turnaround Time: Conventional denture-making requires several dentist visits to complete the process. But with 3D digital dentures, you only need a few appointments with your dentist before getting your custom-fitted set of dentures.
  • Durability: Digital dentures are made from high-quality materials that resist wear and tear for longer periods. They do not deteriorate quickly as traditional dentures, meaning they require less frequent replacements, saving you money in the long run.
  • Customization Options: With 3D digital dentures, there is room for customization to meet your specific needs. Your dentist can adjust the denture’s shape and size and add or remove teeth to suit your preferences, giving you a more personalized experience.
  • Improved Confidence: A perfect smile can boost your confidence level. With 3D digital dentures, you will have a set of natural-looking teeth that fit snugly on your gums, improving your facial appearance and restoring your confidence when speaking or smiling in public.

Get 3D Digital Dentures Near You

Digital dentures are a modern and innovative solution for those who need dentures. It is important to note that digital dentures offer many advantages but still require proper care and maintenance, like any other dental appliance. Regular cleaning and check-ups with your dentist will ensure that digital.

Call us or book an appointment with Sterling Dental Center for more information about getting 3D digital dentures in Irving, TX and what to expect.

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