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Maybe you’ve lost a few teeth and don’t plan on having an invasive dental procedure such as implants to replace them. As per our dentist in Irving, TX, partials cab be the right choice for you. Partials are removable dentures that are used to replace missing teeth. They are essential in restoring your bite and help ensure your remaining natural teeth don’t shift around. Partials are unique to every patient and are typically made from metal and acrylic, making them lightweight and durable.

Since partials are custom-made to fit each patient’s needs, they are a highly viable option for those who want the benefit of a fuller smile yet can’t get dental implants or other restorative procedures. They are generally more affordable than other dental procedures, making them a great inexpensive option for filling in gaps from missing teeth. While partials will take some getting used to at first, they are generally comfortable and are made to be worn for prolonged periods.

Why Should I Get Partials?

Partials are similar to partial dentures. Our dentist in Irving, TX 75061 recommends a denture usually only when there are no natural teeth left. If you are missing a few teeth, partials are a great option to fill in these gaps. One of the main appeals about partials is that it’s a less invasive procedure and can easily be removed when not in use; this makes it much easier to clean and maintain. Partials can not only fix a patient’s speech impairments but also makes it easier when chewing.

How Can I Make My Partials Last?

Since partials are meant to be worn throughout the day, they can experience natural wear and tear with their constant use. Making sure you clean your partials daily will make them last longer. With proper care and being mindful about your diet, your partials can last you years.

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