In-House Denture Lab in Irving, TX

Are you looking for a dental clinic with an in-house denture lab? If so, pay a visit to Sterling Dental Center, our dental clinic in Irving, TX that has a modern and fully equipped in-house denture lab. Our team consists of multiple dentists with the necessary experience and qualifications to provide quality dental care in Irving, TX 75061.

What is the Benefit of an in-house Denture Lab?

One of the main benefits of having an in-house denture lab is the convenience it brings. It gives our dentists the ability to adjust partials or dentures there and then. Since your partials or dentures will be created on-site, it removes the need for long processing times from logistics and reduces the overall time taken to complete the procedure. Having an in-house denture lab also allows our dentists to make minor repairs to dentures on-site. This enables patients to voice out concerns about the fit and for adjustments to be made when needed. If you’re still unsure about how our in-house denture lab can benefit you, give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through the advantages it brings.

Quality Partials and Dentures, Made to Order

Having an in-house denture lab allows our dentist near you in Irving, TX 75061 to have better control over the quality of your partials and dentures. This allows for a more accurate fit and additional customizability to better cater to a patient’s specific requirements. Usually, your partials or dentures have to be made using information from dental imprints and written instructions. With an in-house denture lab, your dentist can create partials and dentures that fit better. Communicating with the patient directly will also benefit your dentist with real-time feedback on the fit. Also, as the denture lab is located on-site, the turnaround time is relatively fast, and patients won’t have to make additional trips for minor adjustments.

Visit a Dentures Clinic Near You

Sterling Dental Center is a leading dental clinic in Irving, TX, committed to providing our patients with reliable dental care. Having an in-house denture lab offers various benefits and is vital for getting quick and reliable treatment. Call us or schedule your next appointment with us today!

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