Digital X-rays in Irving, TX

With the advancements in dental technology, dental X-rays allow for a more pleasant patient experience and faster processing time. If you need a dental x-ray in Irving, TX, come over to Sterling Dental Center. We’re a leading dental clinic in Irving, TX that provides reliable digital x-ray services.

How does a Digital Dental X-ray Work?

A digital X-ray works similarly to a traditional X-ray and is used to help a dentist identify and assess a dental issue. Your dentist will use a digital sensor to capture images of your teeth and gums. This digital sensor is directly connected to a computer, and the images captured can instantly be seen on a screen. Our dentist near you in Irving, TX 75061 sees quick and reliable information that aids them in diagnosing the issue.

When Should I Get a Digital Dental X-ray?

While most dentists would recommend having an annual x-ray performed, it depends on the patient’s individual needs. Older people may consider having an annual x-ray done as they tend to be more susceptible to various dental issues. For new patients, digital X-rays are generally needed as they will provide your dentist with a better understanding of your dental health. If you’re unsure about how often you need to have a digital X-ray done, ask your dentist during your next checkup, and they will be able to give you a better recommendation based on your dental history.

What Advantages Do Digital X-rays Have over Conventional Dental X-rays?

  • One advantage a digital X-ray brings to the table is its fast processing time which enables your dentist to assess the issue there and then The results will then be projected on a screen.
  • It allows your dentist to explain the problem and available treatment options.
  • Also, digital X-rays reduce the health risks involved as it exposes a patient to less radiation than traditional X-rays.

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