Dental Bridges in Irving, TX

Sterling Dental Center provides dental bridges near you with help from our expert dentist in Irving, TX 75061. In addition to dental bridges, we also have several other cosmetic dentistry treatments available.

If you’re looking to bridge a gap, replace a missing tooth, or get a drastically whiter smile, give us a call today. Let’s talk a bit more about what you can expect if you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist near you that apply dental bridges.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental professionals use dental bridges as a replacement for teeth that are lost or missing. The bridge is custom-made for each individual and is incredibly beneficial. Bridges improve the way your bite sits, alleviates pain, and can even restore your natural face shape!

Types of Dental Bridges

Sterling Dental Center uses two of the most common types of dental bridges for our patients – implant-supported and fixed bridges:

Implant-Supported Bridge

Implant-supported bridges are kept in place using metal posts that our experts will surgically implant into your jawbone.

Fixed Bridge

For a fixed bridge, our dentist in Irving, TX will use the surrounding teeth to hold the bridge in place. Cement is then placed to anchor the bridge in place. Then an artificial, yet realistic tooth is placed on top.

Who Benefits From Dental Bridges?

Many of our patients view having missing teeth as a cosmetic flaw. As dental professionals, we see a variety of unique smiles every day. While you can still feel confident with missing or gapped teeth, it can be detrimental to your oral health.

If you leave missing teeth untreated, it can lead to extreme pain, misalignment, crowding, and the moving of your jaw. Your best way to take action and avoid further damage to your oral health is by getting dental bridges. Our expert dentists will meet with you to ensure that dental bridges are a great option for your needs!

Get Dental Bridges Near you

If it sounds like you could benefit from dental bridges, give our cosmetic dentist near you a call today. Book your appointment with Sterling Dental Center at your convenience, online, over the phone, and in person!

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