What are Mini Dental Implants: Procedure, Benefits, and Aftercare Tips

What are Mini Dental Implants: Procedure, Benefits, and Aftercare Tips

February 1, 2023

Many people have at least one missing tooth. Dental implants are the perfect choice for replacing your missing or decayed teeth.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are the newer type of dental implant. They use a 1-piece screw smaller than three millimeters in diameter and more than 1/10 of an inch. Traditional implant screws are made of two pieces with a diameter of 3.25 to 5 millimeters.

Dental implants are ideal for people who can’t have traditional dental implants. However, they are only a good fit for some missing teeth. Read this guide to learn about the benefits of procedure and aftercare of many dental implants.

What is The Procedure for Getting Mini Dental Implants?

Your dentist at Sterling Dental Center will start the process by taking dental X-rays. The dental X-rays show our dentist in Irving, TX where the dental implants need to be placed.

Once the dental Xrays are complete, your dentist will:

  • Administer a local anesthetic to you that helps numb your jaw and gums
  • Drill a small hole in the jaw
  • Place a small metal dental implant post into the drilled hole
  • And secure the implant post
  • Attach the new replacement tooth to the post
  • Ensure that they properly place and secure the replacement tooth

Mini dental implants don’t need holes to be drilled since the trades of the screw grab onto the bone. There are also no stitches or sutures required for mini dental implants.

The steps of the procedure vary slightly depending on a person’s dental needs if one needs multiple mini dental implants, the dentist’s mate places all the posts before any replacement teeth are attached.

What are the Benefits of Mini Dental Implants?

Getting mini dental implants has many benefits, including:

1) Lower Cost

The cost of mini dental implants varies. They are less expensive than traditional implants.

2) Less Invasive Surgery

Your dentist can use localized anesthetic when replacing we need dental implants. This procedure is less invasive than traditional implants and is less painful.

3) It can be done without Bone Grafting

If you don’t have enough jaw mass to support traditional dental implants, you’ll need to have your bone grafted before dental implants can be placed. Bone grafting takes up to a year to fully heal. Using mini dental implants, you can avoid the need for bone grafts.

4) They Offer Faster Recovery Time

Our mini implant dentist in Irving, TX, uses small-size and minimally invasive procedures to insert mini dental implants, which means that you will recover more quickly.

5) Less Jaw Bone Density is Needed

Traditional dental implants need a certain amount of jawbone mass to support their size. Mini dental implants are smaller and don’t need as much jawbone mass. This makes them ideal for people with less jaw bone density from injury to decay or bone loss.

6) It’s Less Painful to Repair and Place

The small size of mini dental implants makes repairs and placements less painful than traditional implants.

7) They are more permanent than Dental Bridge Dentures

Dental bridges and dentures help people with tooth loss, but they are not supposed to be used as a substitute for permanent solutions such as mini dental implants.

8) Prevents Facial Collapse

A mini dental implant is inserted into the jawbone allowing your teeth jaw to maintain their previous size and placement.

What are the Aftercare Tips for Mini Dental Implants?

Here are the aftercare tips for mini dental implants:

  • Don’t use straw speed or rinse for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Don’t disturb or touch the wound.
  • Take prescribed antibiotics as directed.
  • Avoid or limit physical activity for the first 24 hours.
  • Take soft foods such as yogurt pudding, applesauce, or soup for the first week to let your gums heal fast.
  • Ensure you keep your head elevated while you rest
  • Don’t brush your teeth for the first 24 hours, and after resuming brushing, ensure you use a soft bristle toothbrush and brush gently.
  • Please eyes on your cheeks for 20 minutes at a time to help reduce swelling

Everyone should take care of the mini dental implants the same way they take care of their natural teeth. Without proper dental hygiene, the implants can wear down or decay.

It’s essential to floss, brush, and visit your dentist regularly to ensure that your mini dental implants stay intact. If you take good care of them, those of you will last a lifetime.

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