Dental Implants: Process, Types, Benefits, Cost & Aftercare

Dental Implants: Process, Types, Benefits, Cost & Aftercare

August 1, 2023

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that enable the replacement of missing teeth. They are embedded into the jawbone to support the replacement teeth. Dental implants in Irving, TX, look natural and function like natural teeth. Read on to learn about the types, benefits, costs, and aftercare of implants.

Why Do You Need Dental Implants?

Your dentist can recommend getting dental implants due to the reasons below.

  • To replace missing or severely decayed, or damaged teeth
  • To preserve the integrity and strength of the jawbone after tooth loss
  • To improve chewing and speech functions
  • To enhance your smile and facial appearance

What is The Procedure for Getting Dental Implants?

The tooth implant procedure is an outpatient surgery performed in stages. Below are the general steps you should expect when getting implants.

  1. Planning

It is a thorough evaluation to prepare for the implant procedure. Planning usually includes a comprehensive dental exam and a medical history review. The specialist will create an individualized treatment plan.

  1. Administering anesthesia and sedation

The dentist will administer medication to control the pain during surgery. They will also provide a sedative to calm you throughout the procedure.

  1. Placing the tooth implant

The specialist will cut open your gums at the socket of the missing tooth. Then they will drill a hole into the jawbone and place the titanium metal post inside. Finally, they will stitch the gums closed. If you have an inadequate jawbone, they will place a graft into the bone to allow it to support an implant.

  1. Attaching the abutment

After the implant has bonded to the jawbone, the dentist will attach a small connector post, called an abutment, to it. It connects the artificial replacement tooth or teeth to the tooth root.

  1. Fabricating and attaching the artificial tooth

Once the gums heal, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth and surrounding teeth. The specifications will help create a custom-made tooth crown, bridge, or dentures. Your dentist will ensure your artificial tooth fits appropriately and resembles nearby teeth. Finally, when the tooth is ready, they will attach it to the connector.

What are The Types of Dental Implants?

There are various types of implants used by the dentist at 75061. The number of teeth being replaced determines them. Each type has its benefits and is suitable for different individuals. These include the following:

  1. Single-tooth implant- They replace one tooth and are attached to a single dental crown.
  2. Multiple-tooth implants- These replace a few missing teeth and are attached to partial dentures or dental bridges.
  3. Full arch implants- These are needed if you want to replace all your teeth. The dentist strategically places a few implants in the jawbone and attaches a set of artificial teeth to them. Examples are All-on-4 implants.

What is The Cost of Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implant procedures differ from patient to patient, leading to cost variations. The exact cost of the procedure is determined by how much the dental practitioners charge. Other factors are the preliminary procedures performed before and the number of implants. Our dentist in Irving, TX will give you the exact cost of your dental implants.

What Are The Aftercare Tips for Dental Implants?

It is crucial to take proper care of your mouth after getting teeth implants near Las Colinas. Proper aftercare prevents complications during recovery and ensures a successful procedure. Below are aftercare tips you should follow once you get tooth implants.

  1. Wait until the local anesthetic has worn off before taking anything.
  2. Avoid hot substances for the first 24 hours. Take a liquid or soft diet for the first three days.
  3. Take all the recommended medications.
  4. Do not participate in strenuous exercise for the first few days after surgery.
  5. Maintain proper oral hygiene to avoid infections at the implant site.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants?

Although there are several teeth replacement treatments, dental implants are more advantageous. The benefits of implants include the following:

  1. Dental Implants behave like natural teeth restoring full dental function.
  2. Implants prevent bone loss since they stimulate the jawbone.
  3. They replace missing or damaged teeth improving your smile.
  4. Implants are durable and can last around ten years to a lifetime.
  5. The implants keep adjacent teeth stable, preventing misalignment.
  6. They promote good oral health by reducing the risk of gum disease.

Get Dental Implants Near You

Dental implants are one of the most successful teeth replacement procedures available today. The results of dental implant surgery are natural-looking and durable. Schedule an appointment at Sterling Dental Center to replace your missing or damaged teeth.

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