Clear Aligners vs. Invisalign: Which One Is Better?

Clear Aligners vs. Invisalign: Which One Is Better?

October 1, 2022

If you have misaligned teeth and bites, getting them corrected by using orthodontic treatments is recommended by dentists to prevent infections like tooth decay and gum disease because you find it challenging to maintain appropriate oral hygiene. However, the term orthodontic treatment can concern you because traditional orthodontic therapy requires you to wear the ungainly looking metal brackets and wires in your mouth for three years or more to straighten teeth.

If you do not prefer a mouthful of metal to correct orthodontic issues, you can consider clear aligners to straighten teeth using a discreet alternative introduced in the late 90s by Invisalign, the best-known variety of clear aligner trays for straightening teeth.

Ever since Invisalign introduced the transparent aligner system, other competitors have not lagged and have introduced various versions of clear aligners customized according to patient requirements to straighten teeth discreetly. Therefore if you intend to correct the orthodontic problems affecting you discreetly, you will encounter challenges in selecting the best brand of transparent aligner system suited for your needs. Therefore a consultation with our dentist in Irving becomes necessary to determine which brand of clear aligners suits your requirements.

Choosing the Best Aligner System for Your Teeth

Choosing the best aligner system for your teeth is better achieved by consulting the dentist near you to determine the complexity of your orthodontic situation. Most clear aligner systems, including Invisalign, help treat mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections. However, if you have a complicated case of underbites, overbites, cross bites, open bites, crooked and crowded teeth, and significant spaces between teeth, our Irving dentist recommends you seek treatment from an orthodontist with traditional braces that help correct teeth imperfections and a misaligned jaw. Therefore the optimal technique when selecting transparent aligner systems is to consult with our Irving dentist before deciding on any brand suitable for you.

Benefits of Clear Aligner vs Invisalign

Transparent aligner systems offer similar benefits by helping treat mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections with your teeth. They also have many other benefits that make you prefer clear aligners to straighten your teeth over traditional orthodontic braces. Some benefits of clear aligners include the following:

  • Dental-grade BPA-free plastic helps make all clear aligners, including Invisalign, considered the most established and trusted brand of teeth straightening trays. Other options besides Invisalign include ClearCorrect, SureSmile, and Six-Month Smiles. These plastic trays helped straighten teeth faster than traditional orthodontic braces.
  • All clear aligner trays have removable features and require you to remove the aligners when eating foods or drinking beverages besides water to prevent discoloring the appliance. The removable feature is also beneficial because it helps you to maintain appropriate dental hygiene.
  • No one realizes you are undergoing orthodontic treatment if you have clear aligners over your teeth. The custom trays explicitly customized for your mouth remain virtually invisible even when moving around in public or socializing with your friends and family members.
  • The faster treatment enables you to have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile in double quick time, providing you the freedom from dental infections that confronted you earlier.
  • Clear aligners do not require monthly adjustments or tightening, similar to traditional braces, because the aligners fit snugly over your teeth and are comfortably removable whenever you want. However, you must visit our Irving dentist every six to eight weeks to assess your progress and collect batches of aligners to continue your treatment. Therefore you save time and money on orthodontic visits during your treatment to straighten your teeth.

Downsides of Clear Aligners vs Invisalign

Transparent aligners systems are not as hunky-dory as they seem because they have some downsides, as described below:

  • The clear aligners must stay over your teeth for approximately 22 hours or more, if possible, per day. Extending the time from the specified hours will also extend your treatment to leave you with crooked teeth longer.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the transparent aligner system is essential to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their original positions or slowing your treatment. Therefore if you forget to replace the aligners over your teeth after removing them for eating or brushing, expect to spend more time with the aligners than suggested by your dentist.
  • Clear aligners are delivered to you in batches with instructions to replace every set over your teeth every fortnight.
  • Eating foods like chewing gum, colored candy, or drinking beverages like coffee are not permitted clear aligners over your teeth for fear of discoloring them.

Therefore before considering transparent aligners systems, you must discuss your options and take into account the benefits and downsides to ensure you make an informed decision.

Price of Clear Aligners vs Invisalign

Different brands of clear aligners vary in price, with Invisalign costing between $ 3000-$ 8000. Alternative clear aligners have different prices, and our Irving dentist can guide you on their costs after your consultation to straighten teeth discreetly.

If you are cost-conscious, you can find clear aligners online without consulting dentists or orthodontists. However, these systems are unreliable and will likely fail to straighten your teeth as you desire. Therefore if you are investing in orthodontic treatment with a clear aligner system, you might as well put your money on a brand recommended by a qualified dental professional for the best results.

Visit a Cosmetic Dentist Near You

We at Sterling Dental Center provide clear aligners in Irving, TX to straighten teeth and can help you correct mild to moderate and some complicated orthodontic issues with transparent aligners. Contact our practice to determine whether you qualify for straightening teeth with the aligners to start your treatment with them in approximately three weeks.

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